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So you want to create the perfect surprise?

Singing Surprise Waiters

Singing Surprise offer singers disguised as regular members of staff at your venue, who will perform a surprise set of music pre-selected by you to wow your guests!  Anything from 1 singer, up to a team of 5 is possible! 

If you want something to really blow your guest away, or even something to encourage them to join in, then you’ll need some dancing waiters too! Professionally trained dancers can wow your guests with there fantastic choreography, this is a guaranteed way to get everyone in the room up on their feet! We can even add tap dancers to feature in our act.  

We can provide surprise musicians to! Adding a live guitarist, saxophonist or violinist to your surprise really helps it go that extra mile and helps create lasting memories of your special occasion that will be a huge talking point of your day! 

Not only can we perform an amazing Surprise for all your guests, but why stop there? Once the Surprise is over, why not have your talented team of performers back later in the day to kick start your evenings entertainment?

We can create a bespoke package to fulfil all of your entertainment needs, and can even add a DJ set to complete your entertainment package! 

Get in touch with us to discuss your needs, or talk to us about your ideas. Each event is different, and we will cater to your needs. Another idea is to have your sax player join the DJ for a dance floor filling set up uptempo classics to get your guests moving! 

Pick and choose from the following options:

  • Singing Surprise singers 
  • Singing Surprise dancers 
  • Additional Evening Show
  • Saxophonist
  • Guitarist 
  • Percussionist 
  • Violinist
  • Tap dancers
  • Live DJ set 
  • DJ & Sax combo
  • Singing TelegramClick here for more info

There’s more than one way to Surprise your guests! 

We don’t just offer singing waiters. There are lots of options;

Singing Surprise – Waiters
We will blend in with the venues own staff, & serve food & drinks to your guests as they arrive. Then, when the time is just right become your SINGING SURPIRSE and burst into song!

Singing Surprise – Chefs
They can work along-side your singing waiters, & can add an extra pinch of fun & an extra surprise! What better way to shock your guests then to have a disgruntled chef burst from the kitchen to see what his waiters are up to!  

Singing Surprise – Undercover Guest
Someone who will be dressed as if they are a guest at your event, they will be there all day undercover until its time for action! This works well as an addition to a singing waiter, and give you more options on ways to begin the act! 

Singing Surprise – Singing Workmen.
As above, but with different attire of course and slightly different opening act. (And different opening songs). Interrupting come a pair of high-vis wearers. Carrying a tape measure and a step ladder. Causing chaos and fun before bursting into song! 

Singing Surprise – Undercover Police
Instead of playing along as resident staff, a singing police officer would appear at certain point in the evening (all pre planned with us of course) and work in a routine where we can create a bit of a scene. This can either be in the form of shutting down a pretend speech, or us ‘arresting’ a guest (Who would be planted as part of our team). The arrested guest would then try to talk their way out of the situation and burst into song! 

Singing Surprise – Show Girls
Something entirely different, but something we have done many times before and its truly show stopping! Our singers start the show, then emerge our fabulous show girls! Vegas style show girls, dressed in feathers and corsets! These girls offer an immersive element and work their way through the room to get everyone up on their feet dancing and singing along!

Singing Surprise – Flash Mob 
These are totally unique to each occasion! We can create flash mobs of all kinds, from a small and intermit way to help you pop the the question! To a full out, large scale scene as dancers & singers combine to kick start our show! How many performers? How many songs? Its all up to you! Get in touch to discuss what you would like to do and with the help of our resident choreographer we will create some truly one of a kind magic! 

Singing Surprise – The Greatest Show!
This is our hommage to all things PT Barnum! This is the greatest show! It is a show which starts as an immersive experience, and is based on the hit movie ‘The Greatest Showman’. Expect songs from the hit movie, dancers and even a fire breathing contortionist!