So you want to surprise your guests?

Singing Surprise Waiters

Singing Surprise Waiters, disguised as regular members of staff at your venue, perform a set of music pre-selected by you to surprise your guests!  Anything from 1 to 5 Singing Waiters is possible just ask!

If you want something to really blow your guest away, or even something to encourage them to join in, then you’ll need some dancing waiters too! Professionally trained dancers can wow your guests with there fantastic choreography, this is a guaranteed way to get everyone in the room up on their feet!

We can provide musicians to sing, play guitar or saxophone or violin, as a reception gesture. as background music whilst your guests are arriving, or perhaps whilst they are sitting down to enjoy a meal.

We can also provide the rest of the entertainment for the day, not only the Singing Surprise, but now that your guests have been impressed by our performers, they can then perform an entire show for your guests as part of the evenings entertainment.

Want Live entertainment and a DJ? No problem! We can provide you with a singer who is also equip to DJ the night away with your guests.

  • Singing Surprise Waiters 1- 4
  • Singing Surprise Dancers 1-4
  • Surprise Saxophonist
  • Surprise Singing Waiter/Guitarist
  • DJ’s
  • Singing Telegram – Click here for more info


Bespoke Services

So you want to surprise your guests? There are many ways we can do that; Including

Singing Surprise Waiters
They will blend in with the venues own staff, and serve food and drinks to your guests. Then, when the time is just right become your SINGING SURPIRSE and burst into song!

Singing Surprise Chefs
They can work along-side your singing waiters, and can add an extra pinch of fun and an extra surprise! What better way to shock your guests TWICE then to have a disgruntled Chef burst from the kitchen to see what all the noise is about?!

A Singing Surprise Guest
Someone who will be dressed and briefed to fit in at your event. Will then surprise your guests and burst into song!

Additional Services

We can also provide these extra services to help make your day extra special!

  • DJ’s
  • Sound Equipment hire
  • Dance Floor Hire
  • Light up love letters – 5Ft Light up letters